5 top reasons to become a tutor

By Hannah McDowell Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Are you looking for an exciting way to continue using your maths skills or supplement your current income? Do you have teaching experience or an academic background? Becoming a private maths tutor could be the perfect solution for you!

Here are five reasons you should consider tutoring as way to enhance your career:

1. Boost your income

One of the main draws of becoming a private tutor is that it can be a great way to supplement your existing income or earn some extra money whilst still studying. Many university students find that tutoring in their spare time is a great way to help fund their studies whilst also gaining valuable work experience. Whether you are already engaged in full-time employment, are looking for something to fill a few empty hours each week, or see tutoring as a full-time career, there is vast potential for money making as a tutor.

Because tutoring positions are often very flexible, you have the freedom to choose how little or often you work, and in turn, how much you earn. If you need additional money to pay for a holiday or if the bills start to pile up, a few extra hours tutoring each week can help solve your financial concerns.

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2. Pick your hours

Unlike with most jobs, tutoring is extremely flexible and really works around you and your tutees availability. You don’t have to work rigid hours and if you need to have a day or even week off, that’s entirely up to you. You are completely in control of how little or often you work, although many tutors find that they build up such a good rapport with their students and actually want to work more and more hours.

During term-time, the majority of tutoring sessions take place after school hours when students have returned home. This means they tend to take place from 3pm onwards so if you have other commitments during the day, you are able to fit tutoring around these. Weekends are also a popular time for tuition sessions if you prefer to work then. Demand for tutoring decreases during school holiday periods but it doesn’t need to be a concern in terms of decreased earnings as there are still many parents looking for tuition for their children over the holidays.

If you are interested in becoming an online tutor, your hours can be even more flexible because you are not limited to tutoring student located in the same country as you. With online tutoring, time zones are no longer a barrier and tutor and student can be matched from any two locations around the world – all that’s required is a computer and an Internet connection.

3. Maintain your subject knowledge

Many people finish their university studies and go straight into jobs that may be quite unrelated to their degree. For those who want to continue using the knowledge and skills they spent many years acquiring, tutoring can be the perfect option. Likewise for students still studying towards their degrees, tutoring can be a great way to keep up with topics and avoid switching off during the long summer breaks.

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4. Add skills to your CV

Private tuition affords you the opportunity to develop a whole range of skills on your CV. The flexibility of private one-to-one tuition means you can work around your schedule whilst teaching a diverse set of students.

Depending on your preference or expertise, you can gain experience in GCSE teaching, IB teaching or even put a second language to use. On top of this range of curricula, you can specialize in different age groups, teaching students from 7 years old all the way through to adult education. This diversity of student age and curricula means that you can keep your maths skills practiced and active allowing you to develop and maintain your own subject knowledge.

Maths Doctor offers its own extensive pedagogical development for tutors, meaning that each tutor is trained to become and expert in their field. At the end of your training with Maths Doctor we provide an accreditation of your expertise, adding further credence to your CV.

This range of student age, curricula and accreditation allows for an unusual set of teaching experience to put on your CV which is very likely to improve employability prospects in the future.

5. Enjoy an extremely rewarding experience

The rewards of private tuition are not only financial. Our tutors frequently comment on the satisfaction they feel when they help students reach their target grades and improve their confidence in mathematics. Many private tutors comment on the fact that via helping student over mind-blocks or barriers, the student in fact reveals a new way of looking at a problem or a new perspective on a solution.

Tutoring allows you to rely on both your subject expertise and your creativity to excite enthusiasm and understanding in your students; a uniquely challenging but immensely rewarding job role. The role of private tutor also enables you to really develop your interpersonal skills. The very nature of tuition means that you are constantly in dialogue with your students and are able to cultivate a unique relationship with them, one that proves extremely rewarding when students achieve the success they strive for.

Maths Doctor is always looking for enthusiastic people to join its ever-growing team of highly qualified tutors. Tutoring positions are very flexible and you can set your availability to fit around your schedule. It is entirely up to you how little or often you are available to work.

If you are interested in becoming a Maths Doctor tutor, please visit our jobs page for further details.

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