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A Million Maths Doctor Thank Yous

By Rahim Hirji Thursday, November 20, 2014

Last Week we won the prestigious title of Private Tutoring Company of the year (2014) at the Education Investor Awards held at the London Hilton Park Lane. It was humbling enough to be nominated amongst such a prestigious bunch of industry colleagues and we were grateful to be invited to the event to receive the award. To win was testament to many people and an accolade to the team’s work, and commitment to improving the learning experience of our students. We did not make this journey alone and I would like to say a few thank yous
• First and foremost, we owe a degree of gratitude to our founder, Simon Walsh, who started Maths Doctor on a shoestring back in 2008. Without his concept and determination in those early days, there would be no Maths Doctor today.

• We joined the Macmillan family in 2012 and I would like to thank Macmillan who believed in the Maths Doctor vision – as well as our colleagues in the Macmillan Digital Education portfolio who have always supported us.

• To everyone who has worked for and with Maths Doctor, who has helped shape who we are today, to old friends, partners and to the current team – thank you for your tireless dedication to pushing Maths Doctor to the highest heights.

There are two groups of people I would like to say a special thank you to:

• To our amazing bunch of tutors, dedicated to educating, to getting results and helping students achieve their potential. You are our lifeblood.

• And finally to our students and their parents - thank you for believing that we can help you reach your goals. Maths can be tough – but we hope that we do our utmost to make it easier, help you get your grades and assist you in achieving your aspirations.

If I could say thank you a million times I would. We’re very grateful to receive the award—acknowledging our contribution to improving education, something that is taken for granted in our society, but a luxury to many people around the world.

Awards are wonderful to receive but knowing that we have helped a student in his or her educational journey is sincerely reward enough.

Again, thank you.

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