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No calculators for Sats students causes controversy

Maths Doctor recently reported on plans by the Department of Education to toughen up Sats exams via the removal of calculators. The move was aimed at improving...(read more)

Posted by Morwenna Evans on Wednesday 14 May 2014


Rethinking Learning & Relearning Thinking

Today's post is by Sarah Quinnell, Maths Doctor's Educational Development Manager. Sarah discusses the processes in place that help Maths Doctor tutors...(read more)

Posted by Sarah Quinnell on Wednesday 04 June 2014


Supporting maths teachers in encouraging children to share a passion for maths

With the Internet making our lives easier than ever, are we losing basic numeracy skills? Linda Galligan, associate professor at the University of Southern...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Tuesday 24 June 2014


The 10 Best Universities to study Maths

When choosing where to study mathematics, it is worthwhile scrutinising the reputation of renowned universities. By analysing the following University...(read more)

Posted by Morwenna Evans on Thursday 26 June 2014


Shanghai teachers to initiate UK 'Maths Hubs'

According to a survey by the numeracy campaign, around a third of adults think their mathematical ability holds them back in life, while an economic analysis...(read more)

Posted by Morwenna Evans on Tuesday 08 July 2014


"I'm not a maths person": a false claim?

The claim: “I’m not a maths person” professed by many students (and adults alike), has been dispelled by new scientific research as a myth. New research...(read more)

Posted by Morwenna Evans on Wednesday 09 July 2014


Can you answer the maths problem that George Osborne wouldn't?

A 7-year-old school child recently stumped George Osborne when he asked him for the answer to what is considered to be the most difficult multiplication...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Friday 11 July 2014


Gove steps down as Education Secretary

A major cabinet reshuffle has resulted in dramatic role changes for key members of parliament. One of the most controversial education sectaries in recent...(read more)

Posted by Morwenna Evans on Tuesday 15 July 2014


Head teacher's letter causes controversy

A recent letter from the head-teacher of Barrowford Primary School in Nelson has caught the attention of thousands of parents across social media. ...(read more)

Posted by Morwenna Evans on Friday 18 July 2014


‘Maths Hubs’ come to London schools

Six schools in London are to be the hosts of a new government initiative to improve mathematical ability among Brits. As part of a determination to increase...(read more)

Posted by Morwenna Evans on Tuesday 22 July 2014