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How to predict the premiership

With the football season nearly upon us we thought it’d be a good idea to have a go at predicting what we could see over the coming season. There’s a whole...(read more)

Posted by Edward Terry on Friday 15 August 2014


How to get an A in maths GCSE

An A grade in maths GCSE can be a highly useful resource from which you can access higher education and lucrative job opportunities. However, many students...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Monday 01 September 2014


How to prepare your child for tutoring

Many parents are turning to tuition in order to help boost their child’s confidence in a particular subject or to achieve a desired grade. One-to-one tutoring...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Tuesday 02 September 2014


The cost of maths tuition in the UK

We often reach out to students, customers and potential customers of our service. Over the last year I have been speaking to many potential customers...(read more)

Posted by Rahim Hirji on Wednesday 03 September 2014


How good are you at maths?

Thousands of adults are clueless about basic maths - with 42 per cent admitting they often struggle with even the most basic sums, according to a new survey...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Thursday 04 September 2014



Welcome to the first edition of Mathemagic! This post will describe some magic tricks you can perform using any objects you can find. I’ve used animals...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Friday 05 September 2014


What is the "cost of parenting"?

With an ever-increasing variety of after-school activities on offer to school-age children, Maths Doctor considered the varying cost implications for parents....(read more)

Posted by Maths Doctor on Monday 08 September 2014


6 Amazing Mathematicians

“If numbers aren’t beautiful, I don’t know what is” The son of two maths teachers, Hungarian mathematician Erdős lived and breathed maths. Erdős was fully...(read more)

Posted by Hannah Bickerton on Thursday 11 September 2014


Mathemagic - Magic with coins

Hello and welcome to another edition of Mathemagic! If you joined us last week you may have been trying to solve the puzzle and some of you may have solved...(read more)

Posted by Sam Wheeler on Friday 12 September 2014


Proving things: a mathematician’s favourite hobby

What would you do if your teacher or a friend were to ask you to add together all the numbers from 1 to 100? Would you start with 1+2=3, adding 3 makes...(read more)

Posted by Jutta Frieden on Monday 15 September 2014