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The changing maths curriculum: what does this mean for your child?

With the changes initiated by Michael Gove due to filter through into the maths GCSE system in this country, the changes to teaching must be considered....(read more)

Posted by Maths Doctor on Tuesday 06 January 2015


Maths Mastery in 2015

Welcome back to a New Term - and a very happy new year to you all! The Spring Term is in full swing and this is the time that many parents look at where...(read more)

Posted by Maths Doctor on Monday 12 January 2015


A maths problem: 5 reasons people hate maths

Market research company, Ipsos 2005 study found that 4 out of 10 Americans hated maths, which, when you think about it is quite a considerable majority...(read more)

Posted by Maths Doctor on Tuesday 03 February 2015


5 Reasons you should send your child to Summer School

Summer School is a course that can lasts one week or more where students who attend are offered intensive tuition in certain subjects, such as Maths and...(read more)

Posted by Maths Doctor on Wednesday 01 April 2015