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Maths Doctor Appoints an eTutor Manager

John Cooper has been appointed the E-Tutor Manager for Maths Doctor. He holds the responsibility for the recruitment, training and support for the rapidly...(read more)

Posted by Maths Doctor on Monday 04 February 2013


Meet a tutor: Gareth

We thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of our tutors and students so you can get to know just what it is that makes people love Maths Doctor. At...(read more)

Posted by Morwenna Evans on Thursday 01 May 2014


Maths Doctor partners with TeachPitch

Maths Doctor's CEO Rahim Hirji reveals an exciting new partnership with the international learning community at TeachPitch. TeachPitch is very happy to...(read more)

Posted by Morwenna Evans on Wednesday 28 May 2014


How to prepare your child for tutoring

Many parents are turning to tuition in order to help boost their child’s confidence in a particular subject or to achieve a desired grade. One-to-one tutoring...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Tuesday 02 September 2014


5 top reasons to become a tutor

Are you looking for an exciting way to continue using your maths skills or supplement your current income? Do you have teaching experience or an academic...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Tuesday 16 September 2014


Shaking off the stigma of private tuition

I heard a quote the other day that resonated strongly with me: “not only do we owe our brightest children a future, we owe the future our brightest children”....(read more)

Posted by Rahim Hirji on Wednesday 17 September 2014


Maths Doctor wins Private Tutoring Company of The Year

Maths Doctor is very proud to have received the award for Private tutoring company of the year at last night’s Education Investor Awards. We fought off...(read more)

Posted by Morwenna Evans on Friday 14 November 2014


What is the real cost of parenting?

The cost of raising a child in the UK, or "the cost of parenting", continues to soar with parents estimated to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Wednesday 10 December 2014


Science Week - Fun Things To Do

National Science and Engineering Week falls on 13th March to 22nd March this year to celebrate everything related to science, technology, engineering and...(read more)

Posted by Maths Doctor on Monday 23 March 2015


8 Top Tips in Revising Mathematics

Exams are approaching at an alarming rate and this key period to revise is getting shorter by the day. Revising mathematics is no easy task as one of the...(read more)

Posted by Maths Doctor on Monday 27 April 2015