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Tuition: a teacher's perspective

Maths Doctor has been given a brilliant video review by Andy Robertson, freelance journalist for the BBC and Wired, and editor of Family Gamer TV. Watch...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Tuesday 13 May 2014


The cost of maths tuition in the UK

We often reach out to students, customers and potential customers of our service. Over the last year I have been speaking to many potential customers...(read more)

Posted by Rahim Hirji on Wednesday 03 September 2014


5 top reasons to become a tutor

Are you looking for an exciting way to continue using your maths skills or supplement your current income? Do you have teaching experience or an academic...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Tuesday 16 September 2014


Shaking off the stigma of private tuition

I heard a quote the other day that resonated strongly with me: “not only do we owe our brightest children a future, we owe the future our brightest children”....(read more)

Posted by Rahim Hirji on Wednesday 17 September 2014


5 Signs Your Child Could Benefit from Private Tuition

The competition for school places, university places, and ultimately jobs, is intense and the pressure for children to get top grades is mounting – with...(read more)

Posted by Morwenna Evans on Thursday 25 September 2014


What is the real cost of parenting?

The cost of raising a child in the UK, or "the cost of parenting", continues to soar with parents estimated to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on...(read more)

Posted by Hannah McDowell on Wednesday 10 December 2014


5 benefits of online tuition

Live online tuition is a great alternative to traditional, face to face, tuition and in our experience the preferred method of learning for many students....(read more)

Posted by Maths Doctor on Tuesday 27 January 2015