Education at the touch of a button: The rise of online learning

By Morwenna Evans Monday, April 7, 2014

A recent article in the Telegraph this weekend highlighted the growing prominence of online tuition. More and more parents are turning to online learning for an engaging and relevant means to boost both their child’s confidence and academic results. As a member of the Tutors Association, Maths Doctor is at the forefront of this increasingly important learning supplement.

online learning in action

“Nearly one in four young people in the UK has received private or home tuition at some point, according to recent Ipsos MORI research. But, so far, the spotlight has been on traditional face-to-face tuition.

That’s about to change, now that the Tutors’ Association – launched in October to regulate this burgeoning industry – is also turning its attention to the emerging online sector. And so, it seems, are many parents.

Virtual classrooms increasingly replicate real ones, typically allowing students and tutors to talk, share files, draw diagrams and swap messages. Then, when a lesson is over, pupils can play it all back to reinforce their learning.”

Commenting on his experience with online tuition, one student commented:

“It’s very easy setting up a tutorial,” says 15-year-old Adrian Markovac.

“My online tutor leads me through lessons just like any normal teacher would in school and we both upload things to the whiteboard so that we can see them at the same time.”

The Tutors Association, of which Maths Doctor is a part is looking to raise standards across all companies within the sector.

Kate Shand, the association’s Vice-Chair commented saying: “the intention is to keep raising standards through training.” The fact that schools are increasingly working with virtual providers – often using pupil premiums – will also reassure parents.

The flexibility afforded by online tuition was also highlighted.

It is much easier to find a good tutor online than one who lives around the corner. As Nathaniel McCullagh puts it: “A great tutor online is worth much, much more than an average tutor face-to-face.”

Commenting on the benefits of online tuition, Maths Doctor CEO Rahim Hirji said: “online tuition is not only accessible and flexible in this digitally connected world, but enables measurable improvements in learning outcomes. Children’s positive association with all things digital helps improve engagement, makes learning fun and provides a quality, bespoke learning experience.”

What do you think? Has your child had any experience using a digital platform?