Friday Puzzler

Friday Puzzler: The solution 6 May

By Morwenna Evans Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On Friday, we asked you a puzzler that provoked quite a response. Today, it's time to reveal the answer. See if you got the question right:


1 = 5

2 = 25

3 = 325

4 = 4325


5 = ???

Today, it's time to reveal the answer...

It is easy to spend your time trying to find the link between each of the numbers and the number which comes after it using mathematical operations. Unfortunately with this puzzle that would be a waste of time as the solution to problem can be seen from just looking at the problem.

Given that 1=5 2=25 (this is the previous answer but with 2 put in front of it) 3=325 (this is the previous answer with a 3 in front of it) 4=4325 (this is previous answer with a 5 put in front of it) Continuing with this pattern we get


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