‘Maths Hubs’ come to London schools

By Morwenna Evans Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Six schools in London are to be the hosts of a new government initiative to improve mathematical ability among Brits.

As part of a determination to increase our international standing in maths skills and improve long-term employability, the government is seeking the help of experts from over-seas. The systematic techniques employed by high-performing schools in cities such as Shanghai are among the methods to be implemented in the British system via the hubs.

The best protection against unemployment is doing well in maths

Britain’s poor maths standards

International testing has revealed that one in twelve fifteen-year-olds fail to reach the most basis levels of mathematics. Many adults justify their poor performance with claims that they are ‘just not very good at maths’.

However this culture of explaining away poor numerical proficiency with inherent inability has come under scrutiny in recent months.

Maths Doctor recently reported on research that suggests people are not born being more or less able in Maths or English, and that in fact the same gene controls both literacy and numeracy skills.

The benefits of good maths skills are far reaching and do not merely enhance a student’s school career. The newly appointed Education minister Elizabeth Truss commented that “the best protection against unemployment is doing well in mathematics.”

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