Meet a tutor: Gareth

By Morwenna Evans Thursday, May 1, 2014

We thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of our tutors and students so you can get to know just what it is that makes people love Maths Doctor.

At the start of each month, we post a case study of one of our tutors or learners and hope you enjoy finding out more about their Maths Doctor experience.


Gareth Tutor Case study

Gareth began tutoring for Maths Doctor in 2012 and has been an online tutor for about 18 months. He plans to continue tutoring whilst completing his Masters next summer.

“I began tutoring in December 2012 to make some extra money alongside being a student. Being in control of exactly when I worked was ideal as it fits in really well with study commitments for my course. I had briefly tutored before, and the opportunity to do something rewarding and earn some money was fantastic.

I teach GCSE to AS/A2 Level Mathematics, and also GCSE level Physics, and all levels of ability within those brackets.

I think the online platform is ideal for both student and teacher. Although each student has their own way of learning, it helps all students to learn Maths in a dynamic and interactive way. The tablet makes teaching very easy, as the student can chip in and do exercises, or simply just watch and take in the content.

Having the Maths Doctor support team behind me is really useful, as they are always on hand if I have any issues or questions. The functionality of the platform is always improving; the team is open to suggestions and they value the opinions of tutors. Lastly, as the times for lessons are very flexible, both students and tutors can rearrange lessons with ease, without inconveniencing the other party.

I have done a couple of face-to-face lessons before, and there is no difference in communicating ideas between the two but online tutoring is far more flexible, I think its superior to face-to-face tutoring overall.

On the whole, I think all students that I have taught have greatly benefited from their tuition, increasing confidence and attainment across the board. As soon as students start tuition, I make sure we have a clear plan of what we want to achieve, and the best way to achieve that target.

In terms of results, all students that have contacted me after their exams not only gained their original target grade, but actually beat it.

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