Lord Baker - Show primary children the world of work

Primary school child working on Maths work

In a recent article in The Independent, the importance of equipping primary school children with insight into the world of work is stressed by Lord Kenneth Baker. His speech, which is due to take place on Wednesday this week emphasises the importance of careers with a technical or mechanical focus, highlighting the importance of mathematical ability from a young age.

“He will call on schools to develop closer links with local employers so children from an early age get a glimpse of the variety of jobs on offer to them.

‘We must give children and young people a far better understanding of the world of work, starting at an early age’, Lord Baker will say as one of the themes of a lecture he is due to deliver on Wednesday.

'This is not about choosing a career by the age of seven, 10 or even 13, though some children of that age already have very clear ambitions,'.

'It is about opening their eyes to the many careers that they do not see on TV or in their daily lives.

Too often options in careers like engineering, crucial to the future of the economy, will be kept from them even in careers talks in secondary school.'

He added: 'I think all this start a little more in the primary stage. Young children of the age of four and five are very digitally aware - they’re always playing on their iPads and smartphones, and that’s a wonderful thing that we could build on.

'They could benefit from seeing how this digital technology works in the world of work.'

He will warn, though, that the UK faces a 40,000 shortfall in graduates in the so called STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) every year, thus failing to fill the job vacancies opening up in the nuclear industry, tunnelling, aerospace and vehicle manufacturing.

At Maths Doctor, we are dedicated to equipping young people with the skills they need to succeed in their school years and beyond. What are your experiences? Do you think primary age children are too young to consider their future careers?

By Morwenna Evans Tuesday, March 25, 2014