Tuition: a teacher's perspective

By Hannah McDowell Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Maths Doctor has been given a brilliant video review by Andy Robertson, freelance journalist for the BBC and Wired, and editor of Family Gamer TV. Watch the video below or check it out on the Family Gamer TV Channel.

Maths Doctor review by Teacher

We talk to teacher and head of year, Ben Hunt, about the online tuition service Maths Doctor (

We wanted to get a teacher's perspective to see how they see extra tuition. Mr Hunt said it showed that parents were keen on their child doing well and that the child is committed to learning/improving outside of class. Also he talked about evidence in class shows that tuition can boost grades and really help children do well.

We also revisited the tech side of the Maths Doctor experience. Ellen really enjoyed the novelty of the technology aspect. Mr Hunt thought that Maths Doctor's tablet interface offered a good medium between pen & paper and computer. Fun and engaging yet not too far distanced from exam environment.

Finally I wanted to ask a tough question, was there a tension between teacher and tutor. Mr Hunt highlighted the importance of clear communication between child/teacher/parent/tutor. But suggested these things could work together well, that any support outside of school is of benefit to both teacher and child.

Check out our first test of the service here:

This episode was supported by Maths Doctor including access to the service. Find out more about them here:

A few months ago, Andy tried Maths Doctor’s online maths tuition for his 10-year-old daughter Ellen. Ellen lacked interest and confidence in maths at school, yet despite these common misgivings about the subject, was hugely impressed with Maths Doctor’s service.

This new interest in maths, ignited outside the school environment, was a theme that Andy wanted to explore, in particular the perception of private tuition from a teacher’s point of view.

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Andy documented his findings in this second video that you can see above. The video features Ben Hunt, a maths teacher and head of year, giving his perspective on tuition services. Contrary to what you might initially assume, he believes that any support outside of school can be of great benefit to both teacher and child.

He particularly enjoys the technology aspect of Maths Doctor and thinks the online classroom is a good medium between traditional pen & paper and computer-based teaching methods to help improve students’ interest in maths and also prepare them for exams.

The need for students to have a tutor can be a controversial topic for teachers because some feel it implies they are not fulfilling the demands of their role. However, Ben believes that tuition can really help students do well and rather than showing disregard for the teacher, actually indicates a commitment from both the parent and child to excelling and improving outside of class. This is increasingly the case as parents have competing commitments, and as such are unable to dedicate the time they would like to help their child study at home.

Many teachers are actually grateful for additional support outside of the classroom because with growing class sizes, it is becoming increasingly difficult for teachers to be able to cater to individual students and their specific learning needs.

We believe that supplementary learning can improve the teacher’s ability in the classroom to help students achieve their full potential. If you think your child could benefit from tuition, contact one of our learning advisers on 0800 088 2820 to find out more about our service.

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