Why Maths Doctor?

Years of experience

  • Established in 2008, Maths Doctor tutors have delivered over 25,000 1-1 lessons to our students
  • Thousands of students have benefited from Maths Doctor tuition, giving us unique insight into the differing needs individual students.
  • We understand the challenges faced by students and the changing landscape of the UK curriculum

Guaranteed Tutor Quality

  • We make sure that every one of our hundreds of tutors receives rigorous and ongoing training
  • We have a wide range of subject and level specialists, recent graduates and qualified teachers
  • All of our tutors are CRB/DBS checked

We put you first

  • Your tutor will provide feedback after every lesson so you can see the improvement your child is making
  • We ensure we understand your child’s needs and match them with the tutor that is best suited
  • You can try a free, no obligation taster session to see if Maths Doctor is the right fit for you

Multi-Award Winning

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Maths Doctor is a multiple award-winning maths tuition company, most recently winner of the Education Investor Private Tutoring Company 2014. The award recognises excellence and innovation in the Education sector, celebrating Maths Doctor's outstanding contribution to the industry in the past year.

97% of our students believe we significantly improved their relationship with maths…

"I've gone from an E to an A"

I've gone from an E to an A and now my younger brother is using Maths Doctor. "

Ajay ~ GCSE student

"I’ve noticed such a huge increase in her confidence..."

It’s being able to go through individual questions and problems that has really helped Sophia and I’ve noticed such a huge increase in her confidence."

Jane mother of Sophia - (A Level student)

  •   I love the flexibility of it. Being able to book lessons on an ad hoc basis is great."


How do I arrange a tutor/get started?


All you need to do is fill out the form to your right or call us on 0800 088 2820 and one of our learning advisors will access your child’s learning needs and arrange their first tutorial.


Do I get the same tutor every time?


We are very flexible with your child’s tutors. If you’re child builds a good learning relationship with their educator, we encourage them to see the same tutor for each lesson. Equally if there is any issue, or you think your child would be better suited to a different tutor, we will quickly arrange an alternative.


Do I need a headset/can I use my inbuilt microphone?


You do not need a headset. You can use your computer’s inbuilt microphone. However, we’d recommend using one to avoid any feedback or sound quality issues.


How does the graphics tablet work?


You just plug the graphics tablet into your computer and use it as if it were a note pad with a pen. Your writing will then appear on your screen in the online classroom.


Do I need a graphics tablet?


The tablet is not necessary for your lessons, but some students find it helpful when learning.