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Maths is one of the hardest subjects to learn, and it’s not uncommon to come across a topic you just can’t get your head around. Don’t struggle on your own, we can help! Our special revision courses are designed to assist you in your exams, alleviating stress and helping to boost grades.

Maths topics

There are so many topics in maths to learn. Algebra is introduced as early as 11+, when you get to A-Levels you are expected to cover additional subjects, such as mechanics. We will help you identify problematic areas in your maths, and work you through the tougher questions.

Exam technique

Getting a good grade in maths requires more than simply getting the right answer, but also knowing how to answer the question. We can guide you through your exam, show you how to structure you answers and give you great tips to help you process a question logically.

Revision Courses

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