International Students

Maximize Your Child’s Potential

Online maths tuition provides a competitive advantage in international education

Give your child the tools to get the results they deserve with flexible, quality online tuition tailored for international education.

What we offer

UK-based tutors familiar with National Curriculum and International Baccalaureate.

Flexible online study sessions to suit family schedules and time-differences.

Support and coaching for selective school entrance exams.

The best grounding for entry to English-speaking higher education.

In-depth preparation for academic qualifications.

Give your child the edge

Our highly qualified mathematics tutors are focused on enabling your child to achieve top results, giving them a head start on the international stage. They provide tailored support for all levels of education, including the UK National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate.

Whether your child is finding a particular aspect of the curriculum challenging, or they excel in the subject and you want to capitalize on their interest and give them the best chance of top grades, Maths Doctor can add value to their education.

Teachers in school cannot always give the one-on-one attention your child needs, but an online tutor can fill in the gaps. A fresh approach from a trained tutor can make a big difference, bringing new understanding and enthusiasm for the subject and encouraging new heights of achievement.

How tutoring compliments international education

At an international school, your child studies a world-class curriculum and mixes with other dedicated students. In this highly academically competitive environment, you want your child to have the best possible chance of success, in their education and career. That’s where a Maths Doctor tutor can help.

Selective School Entry

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Gaining entry to a top quality prep school can be a pivotal point in a child’s education. Maths Doctor can help prepare your child for entry exams for international selective schools, including the Harrow International schools in Bangkok and Beijing, Dulwich College Shanghai and Beijing Repton International School in Dubai. Whatever curriculum your child is currently studying, we can equip them with the extra skills or confidence required to reach the next stage of their academic career.

We will help you identify your child’s areas of weakness and work with them to build confidence, whether it’s with basic operations or more advanced skills such as algebra, fractions, probability or prime factors.

A Recipe for Success

Every parent wants the best for their child, and Maths Doctor can help yours get the most from their international education at every stage.